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Math Circle with Mark Longtin

Math Circle with Mark Longtin

Hollis Social Library will hold a one week Math Circle (8/19-8/23) targeted to girls and boys age 13-18, facilitated by Hollis resident Mark Longtin. Mr. Longtin is a former Wall Street bond trader, MIT grad, advisor to the NH State Math Team, and lifelong mathematical enthusiast.

Come join us on an exploration of interesting mathematical subjects - without homework, quizzes, or grades. 
A Math Circle is a gathering of mathematically curious young adults who meet to discuss and learn from each other. 
A Math Circle is an interactive opportunity to play with new math ideas that you probably haven’t seen before.
A Math Circle asks “Why is this true?” or “What do you find most interesting?” rather than requiring “You must drill this calculation technique.”

Registration is required. This is a week long program from 8/19-8/23.

Light refreshments to be served.

Monday, August 19, 2019
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Library Meeting Room
  Teen Event  
Registration has closed.

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Saturday, Dec 14
Hollis Social Library10:30am – 5pm

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